Traditional Adirondack Music


  1. How it is Different :   How does TRADITIONAL ADIRONDACK MUSIC Differ From the Traditional Music of Other Regions?
  2. Musical Influences:   A Brief History of Musical Influences in the Adirondack Woods
  3. Enjoy the Music:   Summary of site content which may be of special interest to musicians and music lovers.

Singers & Songs


  1. Some Background:  
  2. Singers Profiles (w/Audio,etc):   Singer Profiles
  3. Local Songs (w/Audio, etc):   Local Singers and Songs

Fiddlers & Dance Tunes

Fiddlers and Dance Tunes

  1. Some Background:  
  2. Fiddler Profiles (w/Audio,etc):   Fiddler Profiles
  3. Local Fiddle & Dance Tunes:   Local Fiddle & Dance Tunes

Indigenous & Ethnic Music

Indigenous and Ethnic Traditional Music

  1. Native American Music Traditions:   Native American Musical Traditions and Traditional Adirondack Music
  2. French Canadian Music Traditions:   French Canadian Musical Traditions and Traditional Adirondack Music
  3. Irish Music Traditions:   Irish Musical Traditions and Traditional Adirondack Music

The Collectors

Collectors of Traditional Adirondack Music

  1. Marjorie Lansing Porter:   Porter, Marjorie Lansing
  2. Helen Hartness Flanders:   Flanders, Helen Hartness
  3. Marguerite Olney:   Olney, Marguerite
  4. Frank & Anne Warner:   Warner, Frank and Anne
  5. Sandy & Caroline Paton:   Paton, Sandy and Caroline
  6. Kenneth Goldstein:   Goldstein, Kenneth S.
  7. Robert Bethke:   Bethke, Robert D.
  8. George & Vaughn Ward:   George and Vaughn Ramsey Ward

Musical Transcriptions

Musical Transcriptions

  1. How to Use Scorch:   How to Use Guide to Scorch
  2. Songs :   Songs To Listen To
  3. Fiddle Tunes:   Fiddle Tunes To Listen To

Educators Resource Materials

Educational Resources

  1. For Students:   For Students
  2. For Social Studies:   For Social Studies Teachers
  3. For English/Language Arts:   For English/Language Arts Teachers
  4. For Music:   For Music Teachers
  5. Sample Lesson Plans:   Sample Lesson Plans, Learning Standards and Suggested Uses

Recorded Music Events

Audio of Festivals & Concerts, etc.

  1. St. Regis Falls Folk Festival:   St. Regis Falls Folk Festival
  2. Traditional Adirondack Music:   A Conversation About Traditional Adirondack Music
  3. Evening of Adirondack Music:   An Evening of Old Time Adirondack Music
  4. Adirondack Minstrel:   A film profile of Lawrence Older
  5. Russell Fiddlers Contest:  

Published Material

Published Materials

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