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There are many opportunities within this site to listen to Traditional Adirondack Music. You'll find most of the music is available in MP3 format for immediate listening via streaming.
  1. To LISTEN to the music, CLICK on the BLUE SPEAKER Icon.

  2. To VIEW a PDF transcription of the audio version, CLICK on the words, "Sheet Music (pdf)".

  3. To VIEW and HEAR a Scorch version, CLICK on the words, "Scorched (sib)".

    Scorch is a web-based medium for viewing, hearing and printing music generated with the Sibelius music software. To learn how and why to use Scorch software, CLICK HERE.
PLEASE NOTE: The sound quality of these recordings varies greatly. Some were recorded in the field many years ago, on equipment far less sophisticated than that used today. Others were recorded in studios under the best conditions.

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Singers & Songs

  • Visit the Singers Profiles section to listen to music organized by specific artist
  • Visit the Local Songs section to listen to music which likely originated in the Adirondack region

Fiddlers & Dance Tunes

Downloading Sheet Music

Within this site, you can download sheet music in two different formats, PDF and SIB.

PDF is a common document format that can be opened and viewed easily on most computers.

SIB is a file format for Scorch-type sheet music files, which provides the functions of both viewing the sheet music and also listening to a simple MIDI version of the playback of that music. Viewing SIB files requires special software to be installed on your computer. This software is free and easy to install (see "How to use Scorch files" for more information).

Please see the Musical Transcriptions page for more information about the transcriptions available within this site.

Songs & Ballads

Fiddle Tunes