Fiddler Profiles (w/Audio,etc)

So many traditional Adirondack fiddlers were born into musical (and often fiddling) families, and learned from a common pool of tunes and fiddling styles prevalent in the area (see the Some Background essay of the Fiddlers & Dance Tunes section for more on this). Each would go on to absorb unique influences as they came into contact with musicians from other places, and for most, the world of music available on radio, television and commercial recordings provided further inspiration.   

Some would go on to play "hillbilly" and cowboy music, country and western, bluegrass and other related forms.  A few went even further afield into jazz and beyond; others never strayed far from "home."  Regardless, all of them started with the old-time fiddle and dance music, and each continued to enjoy hearing and playing it.  For many it has always been their specialty.      

For this reason, the musicians in this section have not been divided into separate categories as have the singers in the Singers Profiles section. Cecil Butler was born in 1886, Don Woodcock in 1955. Still, both men, and all of the other fiddlers below, represent an unbroken tradition of old-time fiddle playing in the Adirondack region. 

We can hear this in the playing of every one of them.